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Why Do we Provide a Real Warranty?

At the bottom of all of our receipts we briefly lay out our policy, and specifically note “we honor a 2-year warranty.” If any part we provide fails, we will promptly find a way to repair or replace what is broken or defective. While we cannot guarantee batteries for the whole two years, even then if you ask nicely we will often replace these also at no charge.

At the end of the day, we provide a true and legitimate warranty to please our customers. We also want to humbly acknowledge whenever we make a mistake and make right to the customer’s satisfaction. We are convinced that providing honest, clear, professional, and courteous service is wise. In addition, we are convicted that a clear conscience is more important that just making profits and doing what is selfish.

We sincerely thank our previous and regular customers for their trust and for choosing to use a locally owned small business that values integrity.

-Troy Albee

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