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Frequently Asked Questions


I was told it's a "Dealer Only" key; can you still make it?

We can make keys for 95% of the cars on the road today. Chances are that we can make your key and that we even have it in stock for same day service.
​We do push to start keys and even high security.

What is a "transponder" and why do I need it in my key?​

A transponder is an anti-theft device used in modern cars to prevent hot-wiring. Your car has an immobilizer ring around the ignition which sends out an electromagnetic pulse to your key in the form of a number (let's say, for example, 25) the transponder in your key has an equation it runs the number through (let's say the number is multiplied by four) then the number is shot back to the car (100). The car is satisfied and starts. If the number is wrong or there is no number the car refuses to start. Some cars have a fuel pump cut out, others prevent the spark plugs from firing. Regardless, the chip is required to start the car.  

What if I lost all my keys?

A spare key is the cheapest and most convent alternative to losing all your keys. You can get it made at your convenience (we're open 6 days a week) and it's far cheaper and easier than getting one from scratch. But if you happen to find yourself in that situation where you have no keys at all we can still help. If you go to a dealer they will make you tow your car in and do it at their convenience which could take days. We can be there the same day you call and cost less as well. Call us with the make, model and year of your car and we'll give you a price and arrange a time.

What Documents do I need?

If you need a duplicate key most times you will not need any documentation just the key and the car will do. If you have no keys, you will need matching proof of ownership and identification. Proof of ownership includes registration, bill of sale, title or insurance. Identification includes drivers license, passport or government issued photo ID.

Can you come to me?

If you have no keys we will have to be at the vehicle. If you need a duplicate and you can be flexible we may be able to come to you while we're in the area for no additional charge within the next week or so. If you are far out of the way or need it soon there may be a slight fee but you can always meet us at the office. 

What if my key or remote is broken?

If your key is broken, most times we can fix it. Honda and Lexus keys break in half quite often and we can fix them in such a way as to make them stronger than they were before. If we can't fix it, we can make a new one for you.

If my key does not work all that well, will a copy help?

Unfortunately, no; when you copy a piece of paper with a coffee stain on it, it will still come out with the stain. The same goes for keys; if you copy a malfunctioning key, you are copying the old issues onto a new key. We can, however, cut you a key back to the manufactures original specifications and code. If that does not help we also have new ignitions in stock. When we replace your ignition, we key it to the same code as your original key (so that it will still work in your door) and we provide a new working key (if your car requires a chip we will carefully remove it from your old key and insert it in your new one).

Will you cut or program keys I buy online?

We will cut and attempt to program them. However we do not guarantee that they will work.  There is a possibility that they could be the wrong key or simply not working for any number of reasons. We still charge for cutting and programming if the part is wrong or defective. Generally it's easier and less of a risk to simply let us handle getting the parts, and often you don't save much money doing it yourself; occasionally we see customers pay more for the part online than we charge for it, even with cutting and programming. 

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